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The Road Less Traveled

Workshop #1

How are you handling the current challenging economy? Are you thinking of making a change or exploring other options? This will benefit you especially if you are “between jobs” or seeking a job or career change.

About this Event

Workshop #1 of a series of presentations about being the best YOU. This workshops discusses transferable Skills in a Challenging Economy – up to an hour, live online workshop covering topics –using your personality, employment background, community service expereince and other activities to apply to other positions or industries.


How do you Stand Out?

Workshop #2

How do you differentiate yourself from others? Are you self-employed, an independent consultant, employed by another or trying to find employment? This is for you!

About this Event

It’s time for you to disccover:

  • Your unique gifts
  • Explore your special abilities
  • Promote your talents
  • Use your personality
  • You need to build your own snowcastle!


Do you want an internship….

Workshop #3

Do You Want an Internship?
Some Building Blocks to Get What You Want

An internship is a valuable training and teaching opportunity to learn about your industry and career. There is immense competition to securing one or even more than one. However, there are things that you can do to put yourself in a better position and become more appealing to a company. Do you stand out? Acquire some important tips and information about being your best self and getting the internship you want.


Are You LinkedIn?

Workshop #4

About this Event

Which are you?

  • Not a LinkedIn Subscriber?
  • A LinkedIn Visitor?
  • A LinkedIn Advocate?
  • Or a LinkedIn Disciple?

Use your LinkedIn Profile to:

Stand out! Build a Reputation! Connect with potential customers, clients and even partners!



I highly recommend Go Career Compass’s workshops. Lisa Strahs-Lorenc presents great information in a very understandable manner. I really loved the several guided interactive activities that lead me into a better understanding of my career goals and personality traits related to the career paths that I might select. If you are trying to decide on the right career path for you, this is a MUST workshop for you!

Sandra Mittelsteadt
Consultant Through Workforce Development.


I met Lisa on a virtual training call for International Student Exchange. Lisa was extremely professional, and added her own personality into the training, which made it far more interesting and informative. Lisa was ready to answer questions from participants and provided some insights into best practices that I still use today. Virtual/telephone trainings can be sometimes boring, and the temptation is there to dial in and wander off and do you chores while listening, however Lisa kept it interesting and engaging.

James Nunn
1st degree connection 1st People oriented leader; business owner and entrepreneur; client focused.


Lisa is enthusiastic, energetic, and an energizing professional who I’ve known professionally and personally for over 10 years. Most recently, she has coached my business partner and I to grow our business, the Soulas Sisterhood Network, i.e., its brand and marketing strategy. Within 3 months, the Network had become a membership organization; a regular user of social media to increase followers; and focused on continuous improvement. Lisa is knowledgeable, resourceful and creative; authentic and passionate; non-threatening and funny! I found these qualities to be essential in working with her. She is a problem solver and an innovator. She also has the uncanny ability to see your strengths and POSSIBILITIES that you may not even considered. Then she is able to use her marketing and business savvy and take her clients to another level. In summary…Lisa is AMAZING!

Soulas Co-Founder
Deborah Randolph Price, Empowerment Facilitator


As a student I know what it is like to be competing with a thousand plus other students for the same internships and jobs. That is when I meet Ms. Lisa Strahs-Lorenc and she gave this struggling student all the guidance he could ask for.I met Ms. Lisa at a meeting that was hosted every Wednesday called WOW Meeting (Winning On Wednesday). I entered in as a student from S.U.N.Y. Old Westbury looking for an internship for Web Developing and got so much more. Ms. Lisa expert advice, experience, and overall knowledge on navigating through the corporate and business world is priceless. Ms. Lisa invited me to one of her workshops on how to build your resume and present yourself in interviews.Ms. Lisa is the president and founder of Go Career Compass and the name could not be more spot-on. Attending just one of her workshops I learned how to create and build a great resume, putting my most useful skills out in front and overall, how to stand out from others. Ms. Lisa does not just stop at the resume and interviews; she also takes it to the digital platforms such as LinkedIn.Having a professional profile online is very important and she makes sure that your digital footprint is at its best. Her professional skills on LinkedIn helps students and even professionals create an entire business profile that is guaranteed to get your foot in the door of the company your shooting for.

Michael Adamson
Student, SUNY Old Westury

The message I’m receiving is….

Plus I feel that you authentically care;  offering uplifting  boosts to help propell everyone to a better place. Your wisdom and experience are enhanced by offering excellent tools to bring continued success, long after the workshop has completed.
You are such a gem, Lisa. This workshop has far exceeded my expectations in the most wonderful ways. Thank You

Angela Rosati
Entrepreneur and Workshop Attendee


I am very fortunate to have Lisa be my guide in professional development. She prioritizes how to be unique and stand out while building great connections with people. She also prioritizes her clients by keeping in touch with them and showing great accountability towards them.

Working with her allowed me to learn more about what I wanted to do for work. The exercises she lead me through made me realize what kind of person I am and how important that is when establishing a career path.

After deciding on a what kind of jobs that best suited me, we focused on my LinkedIn profile and resume to make me more marketable. Her focus was to highlight my skills and my story.

Through Lisa’s guidance I was able to obtain a job that I am very excited about and I learned a lot about how to make myself stand out from other candidates during my job search.

Drew Aglietti
Client, and Senior Coordinator, Careers United, Mile High United Way


Lisa Strahs-Lorenc offered a hybrid career counseling program at Peninsula Public Library this past Tuesday 9/26/23.
The program was so helpful to many of all ages. She was able to convey a lot of important information to many participants.
Participants were engaged, responsive and thankful. Lisa’s book is a big help in opening the eyes of many going through a job search or to reinvent themselves and so much more…

Adult Programming, Peninsula Public Library


Lisa Strahs-Lorenc’s workshop on career journeys was well worth the experience for my library patrons. Lisa impressed the participants right away with her personable and outgoing style. She made everyone comfortable and encouraged them to explore what they want to find in a career. In a series of exercises, the participants discovered their likes and dislikes, goals, and challenges, and were able to share them with the group. I wish she had been my guidance counselor in high school or in college. 

Marie Drucker
Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library



• The Job of Finding a Job–Back to Basics
• The Art of Interviewing
• Your Resume as a Door Opener
• Communicating in the 21st Century: Networking as a Skill
• and others

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