Meet Crystal Deichert, LPC, LMHC, Mental Health Therapist,  Her career/life motto is:  “Listen to your inner self—You
will never be happy if you sell out what is on the inside.”
This is the beginning of her interview in the book:
Q. Is this the job or career that you thought you would do when
you decided to first pursue a career?
A. No. I thought I was going to be a marine biologist, who studies
dolphins and whales while living on a boat.

Q. Did you have any career dreams when you were young?
A. I wanted to work with dolphins and whales somewhere other than
at Sea World. I helped out a lot at the zoo when I was younger.
I was a participant in the Junior Explorers. It was a program for
kids under fourteen. We would meet 1 x / month. My dad and I
did it. It was really interesting. The Junior Explorers ran sleep
over camping events for young children. Those were my favorite
because you got to see all the nocturnal animals awake and active.

Read more about Crystal Deichert on pages 16-30.

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