Meet book participant #1–Drew Aglietti.  He is currently the Coordinator of Careers for United Way.
His career/life quote is that “Rejection isn’t a road block. It leads to a different pathway.”

Here is the beginning of his interview from the book:

Q. Is your current job or career what you thought you would
do when you decided to first pursue a career?
A. I don’t think so. I left the nonprofit world thinking that it wasn’t
the work I wanted to do. However, the reality is that I wasn’t
passionate about healthcare. I did want to be a teacher.

Q. Did you have any career dreams when you were young?
A. I wanted to be doing something in business, and be around a
lot of people. I liked to travel. I liked being out and about doing
different things.

Want to read more about Drew?  His interview is on pages 1-4 in Part 1 of the book.